What MPLS programme offers?

Comprehensive overview into technology, protocols, architectural concepts of MPLS and the use of these in service quality assurance as well as provision of virtual private networks (VPN) services.

Target audience

Professionals into planning, construction and maintenance of data and convergent core networks, provision of services in these networks as well as planning and development of MPLS-based network equipment or services.

When to choose MPLS program?

When creating and configuring core networks, implementing services such as VPN, traffic engineering and traffic flow protection. A detailed understanding of technology operations and MPLS services will enable developers an easier planning and conception of MPLS-based products or solutions.


MPLS basic level program provides participants with basic and advanced MPLS technology characteristics and functions, the use of these with provision of traffic engineering, service quality and reliability as well as establishment of virtual private networks.

The advanced level trainings focus in depth on principles of virtual private network creation using MPLS, adjoining services and comparison of alternative means of VPN provision, traffic route protection mechanisms in IP/MPLS networks as well as means of service quality assurance in IP networks.

Where will the acquired knowledge benefit you?

  • planning of core networks and system solutions
  • provision of technical specifications for equipment purchase
  • introduction of products and solutions and linking to existing systems
  • core networks management and service provision
  • service quality planning and assurance
  • provision of product development strategies
  • creation and product planning in accordance with MPLS standards
  • product development

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