IP networking

Learn about internet protocol, Ethernet technology, internetworking principles, data traffic routing and security in IP networks.

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Security in IP networks
Adequate security mechanisms and security politics are perquisite for connecting information systems via private or public IP networks, realization of business transactions in internet networks and maintaining integrity and privacy while using the services. The course presents basic services and mechanisms of data encrypting, mechanisms and procedures for enforcing security of communication services, devices and systems. The practical part of the course includes a demonstration of a PKI concept, an example of breaking WEP encryption and configuration of working IPSec protocol.

Multicast in IP networks
The course gives an overview how to deploy and manage multicast in IP and Ethernet based networks. You will get insight into multicast technology which is the basis for many fast growing services like IPTV and Internet TV. The course presents different service models, addressing and routing protocols for broadcasting to multiple recipients. The practical part of the course includes configuration and testing of multicast mechanisms on network equipment.

Basics on TCP/IP and Ethernet
The course deals with basic concepts and principles of modern internet network protocols. Main mechanisms, services and applications as well as tools for monitoring and analysis of protocols in IP networks are presented. This course serves as a base course for many other courses in the field of network technologies.

Routing in IP networks I
The course gives an overview of routing in IP networks, the basics of packet commutation and IP network routing, addressing, important routing protocols and algorithms and their use. 

Routing in IP networks II
The course gives a comprehensive overview of advanced level topics on IP routing. A variety of routing protocols are presented and examined, followed by insight into advanced routing functions and hands-on experience in advanced routing protocol configurations.

BGP routing
This expert-level course deals with BGP routing protocol, it`s mechanisms and principles of operation. Attendees aquire valuable practical skills with configuring BGP routing on network equipment.

IP network infrastructure testing and verification
The course provides expert-level knowledge, skills and practical experience in IP network infrastructure testing, measurements and verification procedures. Theoretical knowledge on test and measurement principles and verification standards and procedures is enhanced with hands-on lab practices focused on performance tests of routers and switches using professional measurement equipment.