Advanced Ethernet

Spoznajte funkcionalnosti omrežnih sistemov Metro Ethernet in napredne Ethernet mehanizme.

Advanced Ethernet trainings

Blockchains and IoT
The purpose of the workshop is to get to know the role of the Distributed Ledger and Blockchain technologies in the field of the Internet of Things. You will learn about the key benefits and key performance, security and cost constraints of blockchain solutions in the field of IoT. You will be acquainted with ecosystems for the development and use of decentralized applications (DApps) and will be able to realistically evaluate the possibilities in your field and choose the appropriate approach to the implementation of blockchain solutions for IoT.

Metro Ethernet
Course presents an overview of the functionality of Metro Ethernet network systems. Standardized service models, service attributes, basic services EPL, EVPL and ELAN and technologies to deliver Metro Ethernet services are covered in depth. Furthermore Metro Ethernet VPN services, providing high availability, QoS and OAM functionality to Metro Ethernet systems are presented. The practical part shows a demo of Metro Ethernet Service OAM mechanisms and hands-on lab.

Advanced Ethernet mechanisms
The course provides a valuable insight into Ethernet technology, characteristics, features and services, focusing on its portfolio of advanced mechanisms for availability and quality assurance, security services and virtualization. The course is completed with overview of best practices in Ethernet technology deployment into real-world environments.