Networking technologies

Networking technologies featured training program provides a comprehensive hands-on training on selected topics in networking, including Internet protocol, Multi Protocol Label Switching, IPv6, networking in operator environments, network design and verification, and much more.

The training is tailored to provide the attendees with top-end expert knowledge and skills in state-of-the-art modern networking environemnts, services and solutions

IP networking

Learn about internet protocol, Ethernet technology, internetworking principles, data traffic routing and security in IP networks.

IPv6 programme

Program systematically deals with specific protocol characteristics, addressing and routing IPv6 in comparison to IPv4. Special emphasis is given to advantages and additional services of IPv6, namely mobility support and mechanisms for service quality assurance.


MPLS basic level program provides participants with basic and advanced MPLS technology characteristics and functions, the use of these with provision of traffic engineering, service quality and reliability as well as establishment of virtual private networks.

The advanced level trainings focus in depth on principles of virtual private network creation using MPLS, adjoining services and comparison of alternative means of VPN provision, traffic route protection mechanisms in IP/MPLS networks as well as means of service quality assurance in IP networks.

Advanced Ethernet

Spoznajte funkcionalnosti omrežnih sistemov Metro Ethernet in napredne Ethernet mehanizme.

WiFi Networks

Spoznajte tehnologijo Wi-Fi - koncepte, načela, mehanizme in arhitekture storitev, ki se uporabljajo za zagotavljanje brezžične pokritosti.