Tailor-made Training Programs

Companies must follow technological trends to be able to adapt to market. Due to the specifics of your company not every training suits your needs. Your associates may lack knowledge only in particular, specific topics. Therefore you prefer training contents that meet your specific requirements.

We offer trainings adapted to needs and demands of your company. Structured contents, which can be delivered in one- or multi-day trainings, can be adjusted according to pre-existing knowledge, desired target goals and structure of your group. Based on the purpose and knowledge needs our experts are able, with your cooperation, to prepare a structured and goal-oriented training as well as consult you on the choice of contents. Professionals from your company will be able to focus greatly on specific topics and find answers to current challenges which they encounter in their every-day professional work.

The trainings can be carried out in our fully-equipped multimedia lab, with the capacity of 22, or at your company's premises. You can also determine the date and time frame of the trainings. The trainings can take place in the morning or in the afternoon, in one segment or in more interval segments, based on time availability of your professionals and content modules.