General IT

Interactive at Diggit

mag. Jože Guna

At the conference Diggit we presented applications for interactive television and demonstrated management of television with gestures. We also presented training programs in the field of multimedia applications, which are implemented in the LTFE ICT Academy.

Cloud computing

The lecture will introduce you to the basic models of cloud computing and the key areas and current challenges that arise in practice. What are the business aspects, regulation and security of cloud computing, will be explained by dr. Urban Sedlar.

The lecture took place on 5 January 2012 in the packed hall at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering. We invite all of, who were not able to attend the event to take a look at the lecture in the system for e-learning E-cho.

You need to log into the online classroom (bottom right) with the username and password and click on the course "Cloud computing". All new users must first register in the E-cho system.

Excellent ranking in EMEA Cisco NetRiders 2012

netrider1Cisco NetRiders World contest in the EMEA region was held on 3 July 2012. EMEA region includes Europe (also Slovenia), Russia, Middle East and Africa. This year 147 competitors from the 97 Cisco Networking Academies in the region competed in 45 countries.

European Broadband Conference

EUROPEAN BROADBAND CONFERENCE-ENGAGEIn the context of the European project ENGAGE a kick-off conference on planning better access to modern high-speed next-generation networks will be held on 25 September 2012.

Laboratory for Telecommunications is partner in theENGAGE project.