What is LTE programme?

Comprehensive oversight of latest technologies, technical approaches and architecture, all of which are combined in LTE/EPC standard, and business models of LTE services execution.

Target audience

All, who are in contact with LTE and EPC technologies at their work and wish to get acquainted with technological and business advantages of these technologies.

When to choose LTE programme?

When planning business model with LTE technology-based services and when implementing as well as operating services at the highest quality level.


LTE basic level program provides participants with basic and advanced characteristics of technologies, LTE radio network and EPC core network.

Advanced level modules focus on service security assurance, LTE mobility and security, provision of voice services in LTE/EPC environments and 2G/3G networks connectivity.

Where will the acquired knowledge benefit you?

  • provision of business and technological development strategies
  • provision of technical elaborates of implementing LTE/EPC to business and production environments
  • planning of network and system solutions
  • radio planning
  • provision of technical specifications for equipment purchase
  • implementation of products and solutions and linking to existing systems
  • network management and provision of LTE/EPC services
  • provision of product development strategies
  • design and planning of products in accordance with 3GPP standards for LTE product development
  • monitoring of trends and markets

LTE/EPC trainings

LTE/EPC – mobile security
advanced level / technicians

advanced level / technicians

LTE/EPC System
basic level / technicians and decision makers

LTE – Radio network evolution
intermediate / technicians and decisionmakers

Trends in 4.5G and 5G
Learn about trends in cellular and mobile systems with a focus on 5G networks and technologies.