Business Communication and Services

Vsebine, ki predstavijo pregled nad sodobnimi rešitvami VoIP v poslovnih okoljih.


Business communications trainings

Business VoIP Solutions
Training shows an overview of the current VoIP solutions in enterprise environments. Relevant architecture, the possibility of connecting to external channels of communication, integration with back office systems and some applications that add value to the end user are presented. Emphasis is also placed on concerns regarding security and privacy.

The course covers the knowledge and skills that an advanced Asterisk administrator should know to be effective at his or her job. Short introduction on SIP protocol is provided. The main attention is then focused on administrating various services inside Asterisk and also developing proprietary services using Asterisk Manager Interface (AMI). Course encompasses numerous practical examples (using Asterisk appliances), besides providing the theoretical basis.

Cyber Security
Learn about real life security threats and work with security mechanisms. Special focus is placed on preventive actions and identifying weak points of the network.