Web and mobile applications development

Naprednejše vsebine s področja razvoja aplikacij na platformi Android, HTML5, uporabniških vmesnikov ...

Web and mobile app development trainings

Web user interfaces
Web user interfaces.

The boundary between the client web applications and desktop applications are blurring. Modern web applications based on HTML5 support drag & drop of files directly into the browser, hold connection to the server via a Websocket that practicaly enables communication in real time, and are closely integrated with the capability of devices (positioning via GPS, inquiry about the orientation of device etc.). WebGL standard supported browser is becoming environment for rich 3-D applications and games, creating a platform that is truly independent of the hardware. HTML5 is already widely supported by desktop web browsers, much of its functionality is supported by virtually all mobile devices (Android, iPhone, iPad). HTML5 exceeds the framework of isolated development environment and stands for platform that supports the development of rich interactive applications capable of autonomous operation anywhere.

Python: od začetka do modulov in objektov
Intenzivno, dvodnevno usposabljanje kjer se boste naučili programirati s programskim jezikom Python.

Development of decentralized applications for Ethereum
Participants learn about key aspects of operation, architecture and elements of decentralized applications (DApp) - applications for the Ethereum block chain, including end devices, user interfaces and smart contracts. In practical part the participants will make a simple smart token contract, deploy and run it on the Ethereum network. They will create a simple web interface or nodejs application for access to smart contract functions and the Ethereum block chain.

Napredni Python
Intenzivno, praktično usposabljanje, kjer se boste naučili programirati s programskim jezikom Python. Spoznali boste napredne funkcije programskega jezika Python, semantiko in okolje za delo ter splošne tehnike kodiranja in objektno usmerjenega programiranja. V prvem dnevu se boste spoznali z naprednejšimi koncepti in praksami v Pythonu. V drugem dnevu se bomo poglobili v asinhrono programiranje in izdelavo REST programskega vmesnika povezanega na podatkovno bazo.

Sodobni spletni protokoli
Spoznali boste sodobne spletne protokole (HTTP 1.x, HTTP/2, QUIC, WebSockets, RTCPeerConnection), njihove značilnosti in glavne omejitve.