Planning and evaluating the user experience

The workshop presents the importance of a good user experience of services and products, key planning procedures and user experience evaluation methodology and other trends and standards in this field of work.


user experience in theory and practice

user-centric design of products and services

rapid prototyping of the user interface

providing the availability of products and services

measuring and evaluating the user experience in practise and improvement of  products / services (user scenario, personas, standard questionnaires - UEQ, SUS, ..., methods of affinity mapping, accessories - eye tracking, ...)

practical use cases/examples

trends and standards in the field of user experience

Target group

employees in the field of service and product development

UI and website designers

employees in the field of product management and/or

employees in the field of marketing and multimedia services


After completing the course you will:

understanding the importance of a good user experience

presenting the interfaces for natural interaction and management

understanding and knowing how to use and apply the methods for effective design and evaluation of the user experience

testing the procedures / process of designing and evaluating user interfaces in practise

being acquainted with current trends and standards

Status:Closing date exceeded
Duration:2 days
Tutor:Jože Guna
Location: Fakulteta za elektrotehniko
Tržaška 25
1000 Ljubljana
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Status: Closing date exceeded