Multicast in IPv6

advanced level / technicians

The course focuses on advanced multicast mechanisms and techniques, applicable to IPv6-based networks and equipment. The attendees are provided with a comprehensive insight into IPv6 multicast including advanced multicast services and protocols. Hands-on experience is provided as network multicast configurations on a router and switch.


  • IPv6 protocol overview
  • Multicast in IPv6 networks
  • Classic service model
  • SSM service model
  • Multicast addressing in IPv6
  • Protocols: MLDv1, MLDv2
  • Multicast routing protocols: PIM-SMv6, PIM-SSMv6
  • Multicast in Ethernet networks: IPv6, MLD snooping/proxy configuration
  • Multicast parameter configuration on a router and Ethernet switch

Target group

  • R&D specialists
  • Network designers & integrators
  • Network/system administrators & operators
  • Professional services & consultants


After completing the course you will:

  • use advanced features of IPv6 multicast
  • understand IPv6 multicast service models
  • understand IPv6 and Etherent multicast addressing
  • understand the operation of MLD and IPv6 multicast routing protocols
  • describe the concept of multicast in Ethernet
  • configure IPv6 multicast on network equipment
Duration:1 day
Tutor:Andrej Kos, Janez Sterle, Luka Koršič
Location: Fakulteta za elektrotehniko
Tržaška 25
1000 Ljubljana
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