3D modeling and animation in Blender environment

The use of animated 3D models is on the rise with all multimedia platforms; therefore the workshop is suitable for anyone who desires to venture into the world of 3D models and gain knowledge in the animation domain.


introduction to the Blender environment, presentation of basic views and tools

setting up the environment, insertion and manipulation of objects

approaches to modeling, design and creation of basic shapes

use of tools for fast and accurate manipulation of the network of objects

use of materials and their settings, basic painting

use of nodes in the design and colouring of objects

making a suitable skeleton (rig) with connections and constraints

animation and movement of 3D models, exports of the final products

Target group

creators of 3D content and animations
website designers who want to make their own 3D creations


understanding of 3D modeling basics

design and setup of 3D scenes, lights, and cameras

independent creation of 3D models

knowledge of basic approaches for colouring of 3D models

understanding the structure of nodes when editing the layout

creation and adaptation of the skeleton for basic animation

understanding the basics of animation in a Blender environment

knowledge of options and settings when exporting a product

Duration:6 dni
Tutor:Klemen Pečnik
Location: Fakulteta za elektrotehniko
Tržaška 25
1000 Ljubljana
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Status: Closing date exceeded