Programming essentials in C++

Why C++? It is omnipresent, people use numerous C++ powered devices on a daily basis, whether they realize it or not. There have been millions (well, actually billions) of lines of code written in C++, which means almost unlimited opportunities for code reuse and learning from well-crafted examples. It is simple, readable, and flexible. It has been the backbone of a number of other languages (e.g. Java derives much of its syntax from C/C++). It is versatile, portable, and fast. There is a large and very activeC/C++community. It will give you a solid foundation and allow you to learn other programming languages much easier and much faster.


  • Installing and using your programming environment
  • Introduction to computer programming (compilation process, variables, integers, characters, streams, input/output)
  • Advanced flow control and data aggregates
  • Extending expressive power: pointers, functions and memory
  • Object programming essentials (class,objects,classcomponents, constructors, referring to objects, static members, classes and their friends)
  • Inheritance
  • Exceptions
  • Operators and enumerated types


After training you will::

  • be familiar with the universal concepts of computer programming
  • understand syntax, semantics and basic data types of the C++ language
  • understand the principles of the object-oriented model and its implementation in the C++ language be familiar with means to resolve typica limplementation problems with the help of standard C++ language libraries

Target Group

  • Students who want to learn the fundamentals of programming through the C++ language.
Duration:10 tednov
Tutor:Tine Stegel, Peter A. Bizjak
Location: Fakulteta za elektrotehniko
Tržaška 25
1000 Ljubljana
Fees:Cenik CNA
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