Architecture and concepts of the Internet of Things

In the training you will learn about the architectural guidelines, concepts and technologies in the Internet of Things. We will present the latest trends and best practices in setting up the "smart" systems and establishing "smart services" on the segments of infrastructure management and urban traffic, e-health, smart energy grids.


  • Introduction, European needs and initiatives of the Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Architectures and Technologies
    • Storage of large amounts of data (SQL and NoSQL)
    • Processing large amounts of data
  • Batch processing vs. event stance
    • Hadoop and map-reduce
    • Architectures in the Cloud
    • Communications protocols and interfaces
    • Examples of sensors and devices
  • Examples of services and applications
    • Smart Cities (SmartCity)
    • E-health
    • Smart energy networks (SmartEnergy and SmartGrid)
    • Control of infrastructure
    • Context of the user
    • Business Models

Target group

  • management staff, technical managers, decision makers, consultants
  • planners and developers in the field of convergent services
  • businessarchitects
  • consultants in technical sales support
  • developers of hardware and software
  • designers and developers of web and multimedia applications and services


  • to learn about the Internet of Things architecture (IoT)
  • to learn about ways of storing and processing large amounts of data
  • to present scenarios and ways how to use the concepts of IoT, M2M


Duration:2 days
Tutor:Urban Sedlar
Location: .
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