Future internet

How to plan and manage the advanced systems of the future while taking into account the characteristics of the structure, applications, quality of service and user experience.

Digital transformation

Digital transformation is imminent. It means the introduction of technologies with a view to changing business models. It's also much more than the digitalisation of processes, which are currently the most common "digital" activities in companies. Content in this field will help you to understand the processes that will address the transformation of business time and for the right price.

Internet of things and smart services

Internet stvari predstavlja enega izmed stebrov Interneta prihodnosti. 

V programu usposabljanj "Internet stvari in pametne storitve" boste spoznali najnovejše trende, koncepte, tehnologije in storitve, ki jih omogoča povezovanje naprav, senzorjev, pametnih uporabniških terminalov, fizičnih in navideznih stvari v Internet. 

Big Data

The contents about of data storage, data mining and analysis.

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