Advanced terminal equipment and user interfaces

Spoznajte sodobno multimedijsko terminalno opremo in vmesnike, tehnične vidike videa na zahtevo, interaktivne TV in 3D televizije.

Advanced user terminals and interfaces

Interactive TV
Nowadays we are accustomed to constant access to the Internet and social or business networks. Interactive applications on different devices (mobile terminals, computers, …) are making this possible. Television is joining to this devices and the role of typical television user is changing from passive to active participant. Interactive TV enables the viewer to influence the course of tv programme, access video on demand (VoD) or any other web service which are carefully tailored for the television.

Planning and evaluating the user experience
The workshop presents the importance of a good user experience of services and products, key planning procedures and user experience evaluation methodology and other trends and standards in this field of work.

Virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR)
Participants will get to know and practically experience state-of-the-art augmented and virtual reality devices and applications. The emphasis is on experience of use, as well as the technical aspects of the operation of these devices.

Design and creation of user interfaces in the Adobe Xd environment
The design and development of user interfaces is of key importance for a better user experience, better reach, and getting closer to the customers. The prototype provides the best insight into the look and feel of the user interface.

3D modeling and animation in Blender environment
The use of animated 3D models is on the rise with all multimedia platforms; therefore the workshop is suitable for anyone who desires to venture into the world of 3D models and gain knowledge in the animation domain.

Video and audio through IP networks
Video and audio systems based on IP infrastructure have become well established and widely used. Lectures and tutorial labs provide basic information about the operation and features of AVoIP systems.

ICT and UX in cars
The use of ICT in vehicles is becoming a constant practice in order to increase the safety of drivers in traffic. In doing so, vehicle interfaces and interactions are becoming increasingly powerful and complex to use. At the same time, correct, up-to-date and properly provided information in vehicles has a significant impact on the safety of all road users. An important challenge is how to ensure the meaningful use of ICT and multimedia in vehicles in a meaningful, safe and as simple a way as possible. At the training, participants will learn about the challenges, trends and practical examples of solutions.

Kooperativni sistemi C-ITS v cestnem prometu
Kooperativni sistemi so pomemben korak na poti k avtonomnosti cestnega prometa. Sodelovanje med vozili in infrastrukturo pomembno nadgrajuje samostojne sisteme za pomoč vozniku (ADAS), zato se prve standardizirane rešitve C-ITS že pojavljajo v dostopnih osebnih vozilih. Za uspešno širšo vpeljavo storitev C-ITS je potrebno sodelovanje med zakonodajo, regulatorji, upravljavci cestne infrastrukture, proizvajalci vozil, ponudniki storitev in nenazadnje tudi uporabniki. Vsebina izobraževanja se tako dotika celovitega ekosistema in obravnava izzive ter primere dobrih praks v Evropi na izvedenih področnih projektih.

Video on Demand
Meet the requirements, trends and technology video on demand.