About Apple Academy

Apple Academy offers an integrated programme of certification for professional creators and IT experts from business, educational and other fields as well as courses in multimedia, which are based on the use of Apple tools and encompass a broader spectrum of knowledge in this field. The multimedia courses are further expanded by the skills in the field of video production and TV systems, which include broadcasting, archival and distribution systems. All of our courses are also appropriate for beginners, those who do not have previous experience in Apple tools and operating systems.

The Academy is part of Apple Regional Training Center (RTC), which mostly provides courses for teacher and other Apple enthusiasts, and Apple Authorised Training Centre for education (AATCe), established for the education of high school, university students and employees.

The Faculty of Electrical Engineering at the University of Ljubljana also hosts the iKnow Club, which provides information and professional support for Apple products to students and other faculty staff.

The courses of Apple Academy are held in a modern Apple classroom at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, however other course venues can also be coordinated and accommodated. Some of our courses for younger generations are also conducted at the premises of OpenLab in Kranj.

The Apple classroom is equipped with 12 iMac 27” stations with i7 processor and 8GB RAM, 4 Mac Pro stations with two 6-core processors and 16 GB RAM, one Apple Xserve station with two 4-core processors and 12 GB RAM, 32TB disk field connected by optical cable and 3 MacBook Pro 15,4” stations with Core 2 Duo processor and 4 GB RAM.

The courses are using the operating system Mac OS X and Mac OS X Server and the Apple program packages and tools.

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