Service development in IMS/NGN/IPTV

The course provides an overview of principles and use of SIP Servlet technology for service development in IMS/NGN environments. The basics of functioning and establishment of telecommunication services based on SIP Servlet in SOAP/REST (Web Services) technology are presented from theoretical as well as from practical point of view. The practical part of the course includes developing a real simple service in a lab test environment.


  • IMS/NGN service environment
    • Introduction of a demo service environment
    • Basic principles of service development and operation based on Parlay X/REST interfaces and SIP Servlet technology
  • Service development based on REST/SOAP interfaces
    • Demo presentation of (Parlay X/REST) service gateway and services operation
    • Demo presentation of service design and creation using REST interfaces
    • Hands-on service design and creation using REST interfaces
  • SIP/IMS service development
    • Presentation of GlassFish (SIP/IMS) application server and services
    • Demo presentation of Ericsson Service Development Studio
    • Demo presentation of service design and creation using SIP Servlet
    • Hands-on service design and creation using Servlet

Target group

  • R&D specialists
  • Network designers & integrators
  • Network/system administrators & operators
  • Professional services & consultant


Development of communications services by using SIP Servlet and SOAP/REST (Web Service). Course encompasses numerous practical examples of service development, besides providing the theoretical basis.

Duration:1 day
Tutor:Klemen Peternel, Aleksander Kovačič, Luka Zebec
Location: Fakulteta za elektrotehniko
Tržaška 25
1000 Ljubljana
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