VoIP systems

The course presents the basic concepts, architecture and technology for implementation of voice communications services over IP data networks. The course includes methods for communication driving based on SIP protocol, technologies for audio-video signal transfer over IP networks, VoIP services and applications and quality assurance in VoIP systems. Besides the operator model of providing VoIP services the P2P (Peer-to-Peer) model is presented as well. The course includes a demonstration of VoIP technologies functioning on a practical example.


  • Architecture, basic concepts, signaling and services
  • SIP protocol
    • Architecture
    • Identification and addressing
    • Messages and SIP call
    • SIP protocol extensions
  • Transport of voice over IP networks
    • Multimedia technologies
    • Compression procedures and formats
    • Protocols for multimedia content transportation (RTP, RTCP, RTSP …)
  • QoS in VoIP
  • Practical demo presentation of VoIP system operation, signaling and multimedia traffic
  • P2P technologies in VoIP systems
    • Basics on P2P use in real-time communications
    • Skype
    • P2PSIP
  • VoIP services and applications
    • Basic services
    • Presence
    • Instant Messaging
    • SIP and VXML
    • Conference call
    • Voice portal
  • Practical demo of VoIP services operation

Target group

  • Network/system administrators and operators
  • Network and service designers
  • Technical and customer services support personnel
  • Marketing and technical sales personnel


After completing the course you will:

  • understand basic concepts, architecture and protocols of VoIP technology
  • know examples of SIP protocol functionality and transfer of voice over IP networks
  • be familiar with the concept of QoS in VoIP systems
  • be familiar with examples of introducing P2P technology in VoIP systems as well as
  • be familiar with examples of introducing services and applications in VoIP system
Duration:1 day
Tutor:Klemen Peternel, Jože Guna, Roman Kotnik
Location: Fakulteta za elektrotehniko
Tržaška 25
1000 Ljubljana
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