Locating and navigation

The course comprises expert-level training and hands-on experience in systems and services for location and navigation. Focus is placed on location and navigation service provisioning in satellite systems, micro-location systems, locating principles in mobile networks, and service platforms. Attendees are provided with a comprehensive insight into satellite and terrestrial location systems, possibilities of integration with other communications environments and use case examples of location-enabled service design and operations. 


  • Satellite-based locating
    • Specifics of GPS, WAAS, GALILEO
    • Sensor-based supplementing of locating service
    • Time synchronization mechanisms
  • Micro-locating systems
    • Specifics of ZigBee, UWB, RFID, BT
  • Location services in mobile networks
    • Locating principles in 2G and 3G
  • Service platforms
    • Basics on server-based GIS system
    • Vector and raster maps
    • Navigation devices and RDS-TMC
    • Examples of location services

Target group

  • R&D specialists
  • Network designers & integrators
  • Network/system administrators & operators
  • Professional services & consultants


After completing the course you will have a wide understanding of satellite and terrestrial ways of locating as well as possibilities of integration with other communication networks. You will be acquainted with the latest examples of design and use of location-based services.

Duration:1 day
Tutor:Andrej Štern
Location: Fakulteta za elektrotehniko
Tržaška 25
1000 Ljubljana
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