From Idea to a Competitive Product

The course deals with steps of delivering a new product idea to the market. In that process some steps are often taken for granted or not considered wisely, especially by young entrepreneurs in start-up companies that are focused only on their idea. The result is either a product to which the market does not respond to, or financial exhaustion of a company due to the continued upgrading and restructuring of the product – even before it finds its way to the first customers. The course introduces considerations on how new ideas could be transformed into money, how to find suitable buyers, how to impress buyers by providing clear benefits for the customers and how to make a clear differentiation from the competition. The product has to be developed with minimal resources, it is necessary to know the basics of the Product Lifecycle and the basics of Project Management to ensure optimal use of limited resources in a new company.


  • Introduction
  • Holding planning
    • What is the aim of our business in the coming year?
    • Preparation of the basic corporate plan
  • Lifecycle of the product?
    • Phases in the life of the product
    • Which phases are necessary for our product?
  • From the idea to marketing
    • The business idea
    • How to turn an idea into money - customer and market channel
    • Thinking with the eyes of a buyer - what are the benefits of our idea for the customer
    • Differentiation
    • Target groups of customers
  • Realization of the product
    • Different types of firms (market leader, follower, start-up)
    • Project management - the basics
    • Critical paths and adequate measures
    • Project monitoring and corrective actions
  • Delivery to the customer
    • Maintenance?
    • New requirements?
    • New versions?
  • More customers
    • Customization - How much can we afford?

Target group

  • Researchers, engineers, innovators with an entrepreneurial idea
  • Young entrepreneurs and individuals with an entrepreneurial idea
  • Heads of R&D in young companies
  • Developers and designers of products


Acquaint novice entrepreneurs with the dilemmas that young companies face and ways to respond to them. The participant will get starting points to think about how to avoid some common mistakes in the Design, Management Development and Positioning a Product in a Market. Learning from the mistakes of others is cheaper!

Duration:4 hours
Tutor:Stanko Taškov
Location: Fakulteta za elektrotehniko
Tržaška 25
1000 Ljubljana
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