IoT Fundamentals: Big Data & Analytics

A series of workshops where emphasis is placed on practical work and solving real cases. The course covers introduction to Python and its libraries for data processing, as well as Hadoop and Spark. The course ends with certification Cisco IoT Fundamentals: Big Data & Analytics.




  1. Introduction to Big Data and Python
  2. Python - advanced chapters
  3. Python - NumPy and pandas
  4. Saving data and databases
  5. Displaying and visualizing data
  6. Data preparation
  7. Data Processing Part 1
  8. Data Processing Part 2
  9. Data Processing Part 3
  10. Hadoop Part 1
  11. Hadoop Part 2
  12. Spark Part 1
  13. Spark Part 1
  14. Spark Part 2
  15. Certification




  • Learn how to use Python for processing and displaying data
  • Know the steps of data analysis in practical cases using various Python libraries (pandas, NumPy, matplotlib ...)
  • Learn the basics of Hadoop and Spark services


Target group


  • Everyone who is interested in the data processing and Big Data
  • Anyone who wants to develop a career in the field of data processing



Basics of Python programming language (you should know the basics such as data types, if, for, while sentence, functions, list, dictionary ...).


Status:Closing date exceeded
Duration:15 weeks
Tutor:Leon Štefanič Južnič
Location: Faculty of electrical engineering
Tržaška 25
1000 Ljubljana
Fees:Cenik CNA
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Status: Closing date exceeded

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