Development of decentralized applications for Ethereum

Participants learn about key aspects of operation, architecture and elements of decentralized applications (DApp) - applications for the Ethereum block chain, including end devices, user interfaces and smart contracts. In practical part the participants will make a simple smart token contract, deploy and run it on the Ethereum network. They will create a simple web interface or nodejs application for access to smart contract functions and the Ethereum block chain.

Following topics are included in this course:

  • Decentralized applications (DApps)
    • Distributed ledger technology  (DLT) and Ethereum
    • Elements of decentralized applications, on-chain logic, and web and IoT applications for Ethereum
    • Ethereum's transaction life cycle
  • Designing, developing and installing of smart contract with Solidity programming language in the Ethereum environment
    • Programming language Solidity: basics and development tools
    • ERC20 Token
  • Designing, developing and using theweb or IoT application for Ethereum
    • Web3.js library, use in web and IoT applications

Target group:

  • Web application architects and developers
  • Software developers


  • Basic principles of block chains
  • (At least) basic programming skills in JavaScript and web programming. Knowledge of the NodeJS is welcome.

Learning objectives:

  • Know the principles of decentralized applications based on the Ethereum protocol
  • Be familiar with procedures, tools and development constraints in the Solidity programming language
  • Understand the concept of tokens on the Ethereum block chain
  • Design, build and use a simple smart contract in the Solidity programming language
  • Design and build a code in JavaScript for web or NodeJS applications that use the Ethereum
  • Install, deploy smart contracts, and web or NodeJS applications for use on the network and verify their operation in the Ethereum


Duration:2 days
Tutor:Matevž Pustišek
Location: Faculty of electrical engineering
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