Android & IoT

The workshop presents the process of making mobile applications for Android with ability to capture and display data from BLE sensors. Participants learn the basic design of Android applications, working with multimedia files, database, Web servers, GPS navigation, and communication with the BLE sensors and the submission of their applications to Google Play store.

Training course agenda:

  1. day: IDE, SDK, workflow, activities, basic views (buttons, texts, images), functions, basic calculator app
  2. day: Logging, multiple activities, Android manifest, intents & extras.
  3. day: Working with files, audio, text, history app
  4. day: Classes, Lists, ListViews, simple store inventory (SQL)
  5. day: Threads, inter-thread communication
  6. day: Adding libraries, HTTP post data to the web server, ThingSpeak platform
  7. day: GPS get location / battery & flashlight apps
  8. day: BLE communication
  9. day: Final app: reading data from a BLE sensor, display it on screen, upload it to the web server on click or on an interval
  10. day: Finish final app. App deployment on google play, AddMob adds overview.

Targe groups:

  • Students with a desire to learn about the IoT
  • All who are developing a career in the field of IoT
Location: Faculty of electroengineering
Tržaška 25
1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
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