Arduino & IoT

The workshop presents the design and the implementation of services for measuring the quality of air based on the Arduino microcontroller platform. Participants become familiar with the Arduino microcontroller, wiring of sensors and communication buses, application programming interfaces (API) and algorithms, designing of electric schemes and proces of manufacturing and assembly of air quality meter with 3D printing and soldering circuit boards.

Training course agenda:

  1. day: Arduino platforms, IDE, SDK, Hello World app, GPO (Blink), PWM (Dimm), GPI (basic sensors).
  2. day: Advanced sensors (ADC) and sensor communication (I2C), Air Quality Monitor wiring.
  3. day: AirQuality Monitor application development.
  4. day: Ethernet Shield and IoT communication basics.
  5. day: ThingSpeak platform, data protocol and data post (API).
  6. day: AirQuality Monitor advanced sensing algorithm development.
  7. day: Schematics design basics and soldering basics.
  8. day: 3D enclosure design (SketchUp) and 3D printing basics.
  9. day: AirQuality Monitor assembly and HW finalization, troubleshooting.
  10. day: IoT multi-device integration using IFTTT platform

Target groups:

  • Students with a desire to learn about the IoT
  • All who are developing a career in the field of IoT
Status:Closing date exceeded
Duration:10 tednov
Tutor:Anže Kožar, Tim Kambič, Luka Mali
Location: Faculty od electroengineering
Tržaška 25
1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
Fees:Cenik IoT academy
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Status: Closing date exceeded

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