Real-time Processor Systems

The course provides a comprehensive training in the field of processor systems for real-time environments. The attendees are provided with expert insight into operating system issues and challenges, elements of OS for parallel operation, concurency, collaboration, critical regions, troubleshooting, quality and reliability assurance and other principles and techniques.


  • Development methods
  • Operating systems
  • Real time
  • Programming languages in telecommunications (SDL, MSC)
  • Processes
  • Synchronization, semaphore
  • Critical regions
  • Intertask communication
  • Collaboration, queues (round robin)
  • Task scheduling
  • Parallelism
  • Deadlock
  • Quality assurance
  • Examples: WxWorks, Linux

Target group

  • R&D specialists
  • Software developers
  • Network designers & integrators
  • Network/system administrators & operators
  • Professional services & consultants
  • Technical sales and product marketing specialists


After completing the course you will:

  • understand problems of real time operating systems (OS)
  • be familiar with OS elements for ensuring paralel processing, concurency, cooperation and solving critical regions
  • be familiar with OS methods for ensuring quality, reliability and fault tolerance
  • be familiar with developement methods for developement of such (telecommunication) systems
Duration:1 day
Tutor:Andrej Kljun, Franci Katrašnik, Roman Kotnik
Location: Fakulteta za elektrotehniko
Tržaška 25
1000 Ljubljana
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